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Home Cover

You don’t just break down when you’re away from home, it can also happen right on your doorstep. With Home cover you can relax knowing we’ll get you going from your driveway or within one mile from where you live – or recover you to a garage of your choice as long as it is within a 25 mile radius.

We have all been there, the morning rush, frantically trying to get the kids out the door or you’ve overslept and late for work. Nothing is going right and you’re in a panic. Your stress levels are reaching breaking point and to top it all off your vehicle won’t start. It’s more of a common problem then you may think. A large number of vehicle breakdowns occur at home, normally due to a flat battery or during a cold winter snap the engine won’t start. Including home cover to your breakdown cover can be a smart move.

With CoverMy, if your vehicle has broken down within the United Kingdom, and is within one mile of your home we will send out a recovery operator to carry out a temporary repair, or we will take you to the nearest garage of your choice, as long as it’s within a 25 mile radius.

We can even help you out if your tyre is flat, blown or punctured. We can replace the wheel for you either by using your spare tyre or by sourcing a mobile tyre fitter for you. Failing that we will take you to your nearest garage to get the tyre replaced.

Your home should be a place of comfort and assurance, we want to keep it that way. With CoverMy you can relax, because if the worst was to happen, you have someone that believes what is important to you is also important to us as well.

Types of cover


Vehicle Breakdown Insurance

Cover one or more vehicles with any driver

You can register up to four vehicles. As long as they are all used for private use. So, if your vehicle breaks down, we’ll come to the rescue no matter who is driving it.

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Personal Breakdown Insurance

Cover up to 4 people in any vehicle

So whatever vehicle the insured individuals are traveling in or driving, we’ll come to the rescue if something goes wrong, whether you’re the driver or a passenger.

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What we cover

We will come direct to your door to help you

£1,500 maximum pay out on any one claim

uk breakdown

We can take you to your preferred garage

We will also pick you up 1 mile from home

Our other extras

Motor Legal Protection

We’ll provide cover for legal costs when you’ve had a road traffic accident involving your car and you’re not to blame.

Motor legal


You can choose to select to pay an excess on your policy in order to reduce the amount of premium you pay when buying your breakdown cover.

Key Cover

Make sure your car keys are covered in case they’re lost, stolen – or accidentally locked inside your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vehicle Breakdown Cover?

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