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Key Cover

Key Cover protects you and any immediate member of your family against the costs of replacing your keys if they have been damaged, lost or stolen.

It’s easily done, losing our keys is quite a common mishap. We’ve all frantically searched the house to find our keys, not where you left them on the side, checking our pockets over and over because they might appear. Losing your keys is frustrating and often a stressful and worrying event. Especially if someone’s stolen them. Adding Key Cover to your breakdown insurance can help you out. If you find yourself in the unfortunate scenario of losing your keys, then we can help you out.

Our Key Cover offers up to £1,500 worth of cover to replace keys if they’re lost or stolen. You’re also protected if your keys break in the lock or are locked in your car, home or office.

We’ll make sure you are not stranded and can provide you with a vehicle hire for a period of up to 3 days if your vehicle is unusable as a result of the insured keys being lost, stolen or damaged by accidental means. We can also help with onward travel up to a maximum of £100 per day up to a maximum of 3 days.

If your insured keys are locked in your property or vehicle we will arrange for a suitable contractor to attend. We can then look at reimbursing you for costs incurred in obtaining a replacement key, or repairing or replacing any damaged lock, up to the policy limit of £50.

Please note this applies only to the primary vehicle shown on your policy. Please call us if you would like to cover multiple vehicles.

Types of breakdown cover

Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Cover one or more vehicles with any driver

You can register up to four vehicles. As long as they are all used for private use. So, if your vehicle breaks down, we’ll come to the rescue no matter who is driving it.

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Personal Breakdown Cover

Cover up to 4 people in any vehicle

So whatever vehicle the insured individuals are traveling in or driving, we’ll come to the rescue if something goes wrong, whether you’re the driver or a passenger.

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What we cover

Protects you and an immediate family member

£1,500 maximum pay out on any one claim

Claims can be reported to us within 30 days of occurrence

Cover for lost, stolen or damaged keys by accidental means

Our other extras

Motor legal


You can choose to select to pay an excess on your policy in order to reduce the amount of premium you pay when buying your breakdown cover.

Motor Legal Protection

We’ll provide cover for legal costs when you’ve had a road traffic accident involving your car and you’re not to blame.

Home Cover

Assistance on your driveway if there’s something wrong with your vehicle, or if you break down within one mile from home

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