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Breakdown Claim

Claims Handler Information

24 hour UK and European breakdown recovery helpline

01945 425307

Emergency Assist Limited
Exchange Square,
PE13 1EF

Information we need

Before we can arrange assistance, we will need to validate your cover. In order for us to do this quickly and efficiently please have the following information ready:

  1. Policy details, including policy number and a return telephone number.
  2. Your location and your vehicle and the nature of the fault.
  3. Registration and make and model of your vehicle.
  4. Brief details of any modification or modifications to your vehicle that may hinder or prevent our recovery operator in effecting a temporary repair or recovery.

Useful advice

If you have broken down on a motorway and have no means of contacting us or are unaware of your location, you can use the nearest SOS box and advise the highway officer of our telephone number, who can contact us to arrange assistance.

If a Highways Officer is present at the scene, please advise them that you have contacted us or provide them with our telephone number to call us on your behalf.

The roadside can be a dangerous place, so please ensure the safety of you and your passengers at all times.

Vehicle Repair Claim

Claims Handler Phone Number

If you think that you have a fault which may be covered by this insurance contact us on

0191 259 6378


When we authorise a claim we will do so by issuing a unique claim authorisation number. Repairs must not be started until we have given this number to you or your garage.

Information we need

We will require the following information, so please have this to hand when telephoning.

  1. The policy number and vehicle registration number.
  2. Current mileage of your vehicle.
  3. Details of the vehicle service history.

Our claims engineers will record the details of the Breakdown and advise you of:

  1. The nearest nominated service centre or repairer.
  2. The next steps you should take.
  3. What information we will require.

Important action

Should you need to make a claim the following must be adhered to within seven days of the date of callout:-

  1. It must be clearly understood that costs for any other work begun or completed before authorisation has been given will be your responsibility and will automatically invalidate any claim under this policy.
  2. It is your responsibility to pay the costs of dismantling and repairing the Vehicle if the fault is not covered by this policy, and any additional costs and excesses that apply which exceed the claim limit.
  3. You are responsible for paying for any additional work that you ask the repairer to undertake.