Cover My Gadget Claim Information

Claims Handler Phone Number

0800 980 5134

You need to make a claim, You should contact the Claim Handler soon as possible (and in any event within 7 days) of any incident occurring. The Claim Handlers contact details are: –

Telephone: 0800 980 5134


Notify the relevant people

Theft and Accidental Loss claims

  1. Report the Theft or Accidental Loss of any Gadget, within 24 hours of discovery, to your airtime provider and blacklist your Gadget.
  2. Report the Theft or Accidental Loss of any Gadget to the Police within 48 hours of discovery, and obtain a crime reference number (in support of a Theft claim), or a lost property number (in support of an Accidental Loss claim).
All claims including those for Theft and Accidental Loss

Contact the claims line as soon as possible (and in any event within 7 days) of any incident in order to:

  1. notify them and provide them with details of the incident likely to give rise to a claim under this policy; and
  2. request a claim form.

If the incident occurred outside the UK, please notify the claim handler within 48 hours of your return to the UK.

Gather information

To process your claim quickly, we will need information about the circumstances that led to your claim. The information required will be detailed when you contact the Claim Handler and will include any of the following:

a. Police report/crime reference, where the claim is for Theft.
b. Police report/lost property number, where the claim is for Accidental Loss.
c. Evidence of ownership.
d. Proof of purchase.
e. Blocking confirmation from your network including date last used, where claim is for Theft or Accidental Loss.
f. Photographic evidence of the damage to the Gadget where the claim is for Accidental Damage.

Submit your claim

Please return the requested claim form as soon as possible, making sure you have enclosed all the requested documents (and any additional information) to support your claim.

The completed claim form, Proof of Purchase and any additional information that may be required from you is to be returned as instructed by the Claim Handler.

All access blocks must be removed from your Gadget before being sent for repair. This includes any personal pin locks or operator specific security blocks, including Find My iPhone or other remote location device/app. Failure to do so will result in your claim being delayed and/or Your Gadget being returned to you.

Fortegra Europe Insurance Company SE is currently in the process of changing its seat from Malta to Belgium. For more information, please visit the following link:

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