Pet Assumptions

You accept that no cover will be provided for any illness or injury that is pre-existing or has displayed symptoms (changes in your pet’s normal healthy state, condition, appearance, bodily functions or behaviour) of if it were to arise within the first 14 days from the original policy start date of your policy or 5 days in the event of an accident.

You accept that no cover will be provided for your pet if it has an illness that could have been prevented by vaccination, and no vaccination/boosters were given to your pet.

Your Pet is not included within our list of excluded breeds as set out in the policy wording.

Your Pet hasn’t previously shown signs of any aggressive behaviour or previously attacked, bitten or inflicted injury.

Your Pet isn’t used in relation to any trade, profession or business, breeding, guarding, track racing, coursing or beating or used as a gundog, hunting or in connection with shooting of any kind whether for business or recreational purposes.

Your Pet is registered at a United Kingdom Veterinary Practice on the Policy Start Date.

Your Pet must reside with You in the United Kingdom and You must be the owner and keeper.

Your dog must be microchipped.

Your Pet must never have been deemed overweight by a vet.

Your Pet must be a minimum of 8 weeks old.

Your Pet was born in the United Kingdom and not imported from outside of the United Kingdom.

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