Pet Insurance Explained – All you need to know about pet cover

Have you got a dog or a cat and would like pet insurance to cover them in case they get ill or have an accident?

Are you confused with the amount of different policies for pets? What is excess? What is lifetime insurance? At times all we want to do is get pet insurance and skip the jargon, in this article we will explain it the best we can to make buying Pet Insurance easier to understand.

Have you got a dog or a cat and would like pet insurance to cover them in case they get ill or have an accident? Are you looking for pet insurance and would like to compare pet insurance policies that are available for dogs and cats?

This is where we can help. In this article you’re going to find out:

  • The different types of pet insurance
  • Why you need pet insurance
  • How pet insurance works
  • How much pet insurance costs

Types of pet insurance

There are a wide range of pet insurance policies available depending on what level of cover you need for your dog or cat. Whether you need pet insurance that will cover the cost of a lengthy illness – or for unexpected accident – there will be a policy for you and up to four of your precious pets.

We have three main types of pet insurance policies with different levels of cover to suit both your wallet and pet’s needs.

Time limited accident and illness insurance

This policy covers treatment for 12 months from the start of an accidental injury or illness. A maximum amount of money is also available to claim for each separate injury or illness. We will keep paying for an accidental injury or illness until either the 12 months or amount for each claim is reached.

Maximum benefit insurance

This policy will provide a maximum amount of money to cover the cost of treatment for each accidental injury or illness your dog or cat may suffer. Each accidental Injury or illness is covered until the maximum benefit has been exhausted for that condition. There is no time limit on reaching this maximum benefit – however, once the full amount has been reached, the treatment of accidental injury or for that condition will not be covered again.

Lifetime insurance

Our lifetime insurance covers the costs of accidental injuries and conditions. Long-term Illnesses could also be covered even if the Illness spans several years – as long as you keep your policy live.

Why do I need pet insurance?

We understand how important your pets are to you and that they deserve the best treatment if the unexpected happens. When something happens to your cat or dog, it can be very stressful, worrying and expensive if you don’t have pet insurance. For just a few pounds a month, pet insurance gives you peace of mind you’ll be able to cover the cost of their care if they become ill or have an accident that requires treatment.

What does pet insurance cover?

As well as vet fees for accidental injury and cost of illness, our pet insurance covers a range of other things too. Our policies typically include:

  • Accidents and injuries to help with the unexpected cost for treatment if your pet is injured
  • Holiday cancellation costs incurred if you have to cancel or have to cut your holiday short because your pet needs life-saving treatment following an accident or illness within 14 days of your holiday
  • Theft and straying in case your beloved dog or cat is lost or stolen
  • Third party liability (dogs only) in case someone makes a claim against you if your dog injures someone or causes damage to property
  • Complimentary treatment your pet has been prescribed by your vet during your policy for an illness or injury. Complementary treatment includes acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and osteopathy
  • Death from accident or illness in the horrible event the worse happens to your much-loved dog or cat

Although our pet insurance can cover most scenarios, there are a few things it doesn’t include. These are mainly preventative treatments:

  • Preventative treatments, such as annual vaccinations and spaying or neutering
  • Routine dental treatment
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Routine check ups
  • Behavioural problems

How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance works by you paying for cover in case your dog or cat needs treatment following an accident or becomes ill. You can pay for your dog or cat insurance as part of a one-off annual fee, or you can pay monthly with no interest.

There are flexible excess options too, so we’re sure you’ll find a policy no matter what your budget and pet’s needs. If you need to make a claim, our team of experts will make the process seamless and straightforward to make sure things are sorted for you as quickly as possible.

When should I get insurance for my pet?

You can take out insurance for your dog or cat from when they’re as young as eight weeks old. As a pet owner you’ll know puppies and kittens are full of energy and enthusiasm – and quite accident prone – So you might decide it’s a good idea to get insurance to cover them as soon as you can. It’s also cheaper to get pet insurance the younger your dog or cat is.

As your pet gets older, they are more likely to get injured or suffer from an illness that could result in an expensive claim. A dog or cat is classed as old when they’re eight years old. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is really important to reduce the risk of having to make a claim. However, no matter what their age, there is always the chance they’ll require costly treatment at some point in their life.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Our dog insurance and cat insurance starts from just £6.40 per month. Pet insurance cost varies depending on the type of cover you take out, the breed and age of your dog or cat. Where you live can also affect the cost of your pet insurance. Make sure you do your research into what you’d like your pet insurance to cover and get dog and cat insurance quotes to make sure you get the best deal.

How much are dog and cat vet bills?

Dog and cat vet bills vary greatly depending on what treatment your furry friends needs. Here is a list of the average vet bill cost* for the most common illnesses pet insurance claims are made for:


Cost of vet bill

Treatment on dog’s fractured leg


Surgery to repair cat’s toes


Treatment on dog’s kneecap


Repairing of dog’s leg ligament damage


Surgery on cat’s leg after accident


*Source: ABI

Does pet insurance include vaccination costs?

Routine dog/puppy, cat/kitten vaccinations are not covered by pet insurance – along with other preventative treatments, such as neutering, spaying and routine dental work. Preventative treatment is treatment your dog or cat receives to stop them from falling ill.

It’s really important to keep your dog and cat vaccinations up-to-date and keep your pet as healthy as possible. This can help to keep your pet insurance premiums low as your favourite pet will be less likely to fall ill and result in you having to make a claim.

How do I get the cheapest pet insurance?

Insurers take a lot of factors into account when it comes to providing pet insurance, and some of these are out of your control for example your pet’s breed, its age, where you live.

There are several things you can do though to make sure you get the cheapest dog and cat insurance:

  • Do your research and decide which policy is best for you depending on your pet’s breed, age and where you live
  • Get pet insurance quotes based on your budget and which policy best suits your needs
  • Consider a multi-pet policy which allows you have the same level of cover for up to four pets on a single policy at a discounted premium
  • Keep your pet healthy by being a responsible pet owner. Make sure your cat or dog is in top condition by having a healthy diet, regular exercise, regular vaccinations and a happy home environment. They’ll enjoy life more and you are less likely to have to make a claim!
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