Ways to keep your Pets safe this Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, the 5th of November! Bonfire night has a few things that, as pet owners, we should be thinking about.

1. Loud Sounds for Little ears 

1-	Loud Sounds for Little ears Fireworks booming from both organised events and from the next-door neighbours back garden can sometimes go on for a while. Some animals especially dogs with a keen sense of hearing can become startled and distressed by these. You could consider leaving a radio, TV or Alexa on low volume, playing an audiobook or station to your animals is another great way to drown out the disturbances to your pet’s home.

2. Fireworks 


As I’m sure we all notice, the following day and in some cases a couple of days after Bonfire Night there are various bits of shrapnel and discarded fireworks packaging strewn around open areas, including walking spots. These left-over pieces of Fireworks and food will attract many animals, especially dogs eager to investigate the unusual smells.

Keeping an eye out for your dog investigating something they shouldn’t could prevent injury or irritation to little noses.

3. Open Flames


Depending on if you are attending an organ

ised event or just have one close by, open flames should eb treated with great care whilst having your Dog with you, as the heat from the flames may affect your animal from greater distances and at a greater impact also.

Keeping an eye on flying embers and heavy smoke at the ground level as this also may have a negative effect on respiratory systems.

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