Ways to keep your Pets safe this Halloween

On Halloween you want to make sure that the bumps in the night are just ghosts and ghouls rather than worrying about your pets, so here are a few tips for a calm evening for your animal family.

1-halloween Keeping Cats and Dogs isolated from pranksters

Keeping your animals inside for the evening especially cats can help keep them out of harm’s way, which is exceptionally true for black cats.

2-halloween Keeping Pets away from the door

If possible, consider keeping your pets in an enclosed area away from the front of the house and ideally out of earshot of the door. We all know the amount of “Trick-or-Treat” knocks that some years bring, and this may help ease their tension.

 Leave on some low sounds

Leaving a radio on low volume, TV or Alexa playing an audiobook is another great way to drown out the disturbances to your pet’s home.

 Keep an eye on the Treats

Keep your well-deserved treats and chocolates off the floor as we all know too well what can happen with greedy dogs and poorly tummies.

 Lit Lumpkins and Debris

If you take your dog for a walk around during the evening or in the morning, be aware of lit lanterns that little noses could find, as well as any debris that remains from the previous evening on little paws.

 Halloween Door Signs

We have seen many people place signs on their door when pets are particularly reactive to noise asking Trick-or-Treaters to not knock and take a sweet from a basket outside the front door. The risk of loosing the basket is very real but this is a handy way of preventing visitors later into the evening.

If you would like a Halloween door sign, please feel free to print the image below and use it.

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