Winter Sports Insurance

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Winter Sports Insurance

If you plan on undertaking any winter sports activities while on holiday you can extend your travel insurance to make sure you’re covered by selecting our Winter Sports Package.

So whether you’re taking on the daunting challenge of the La Chavanette in Avoriaz, or planning a magical family ski trip to Mont Tremblant, make sure you have the right protection for when you’re on and off the slope.

We offer a range of benefits to make sure your snow fuelled adventure isn’t a stressful one if the unexpected was to happen. With our single or annual travel insurance you will be automatically covered for a number of sports and activities as standard, you just need to simply add our Winter Sports Package to complete your perfect cover. So whether you’re in the mood for some off piste snowboarding or snow zorbing, or maybe just want to relax with a bit of ice fishing, we can cater for most moods and needs.

We also cover a range of pre-existing medical conditions, if anyone has a medical condition, no matter how minor it may seem, you need to make sure it is properly covered when you buy travel insurance. Our quick and easy medical screening means you can get an instant quote to cover any medical conditions someone may have.

Travel with the comfort in knowing that whatever holiday you want it is covered with reliable cover which will offer you peace of mind and protect what matters to you the most.

Types of cover

Single Trip Travel Cover

Get insured quickly and easily for a single trip up to 365 days with no upper age limit. Build your perfect holiday cover that suits your needs and travel with the assurance and comfort in knowing you’ll be protected for pre-existing medical conditions.

Annual Travel Insurance

Save money with our annual multi-trip insurance if you travel more than once a year. Travel as many times a year as you want with complete peace of mind, as we cover all pre-existing medical conditions.

Who we cover

An Individual

Whether you’re going on a gap year, planning on meeting your friends or want a break by yourself. We provide cover to suit your individual needs.

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A Couple

A romantic break for two or embarking on a more adventurous trip we have the ideal range of cover for you both.

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A Family

Protect your family whilst on holiday and enjoy your treasured time together with peace of mind in knowing you have cover which will protect what matters to you most.

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A Group

Cover for 3 or more travellers who are unrelated and don’t live together. Our flexible range of cover allows you to tailor your holiday to suit everyone.

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Activity Packs

All of the activities in Activity Pack A are covered free of charge as standard on all policies. If you are planning on taking part in any other activities please check to see if this is listed under Activity Pack B and select as appropriate.

If you select Activity Pack B you will be covered for all activities listed in Activity Pack A plus what is listed in Activity Pack B.

We also offer extended cover for golf holidays. You will be covered for playing golf under activity pack A as standard cover but you will need to choose the Additional Golf Package if you require additional cover for golf equipment.

Activity Pack A

Amateur Sports – Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bowls, Cricket, Croquet, Curling, Fencing, Football, Golf, Jogging, Netball, Racquetball, Roller Blading, Roller Skating, Rounders, Snooker, Pool, Billiards, Skate Boarding, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling, Volleyball, Water Polo and Weightlighting only


Banana Boating

Beach Games

Canoeing/River Canoeing (up to Grade 3)

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Cycling (other than specified)

Fell Walking/Fell running

Hiking (under 2000 metres altitude)

Jet Boating

Motorcycling up to 50cc (wearing a crash helmet and no racing)


Outwardbound Pursuits (ground level only)


Parascending/Parasailing (over water towed by boat)

Pony Trekking

Rambling (under 2000 metres altitude

Sail Boarding

Sailing\/Dinghy Sailing within Territorial Waters (inland\/coastal waters within 12 mile)


Trekking (under 2000 metres altitude)

Tug of war

Underground activities (as part of an organised excursion\/tour only)

War Games

Water Skiing (excluding jumping) – amateur only (inland\/coastal waters within 12 mile)

Windsurfing – amateur only (inland\/coastal waters within 12 mile)

Work Abroad – Non Manual Work (including professional, administrative or clerical duties only)

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Activity Pack B

Aerial Safari

Boxing Training (no contact)

Bungee Jump (maximim 3)

Camel/Elephant Riding/Trekking (non-incidental)

Cycle Touring/Mountain Biking

Deep Sea Fishing

Dog Sledding

Go Karting (specific use)


Hiking (between 2001 and 4000 metres altitude)

Hockey (amateur)

Horse Riding (no polo, hunting or jumping)

Hot Air Ballooning (non-incidental)

Hurling (amateur)

Hydro Zorbing

Jet Skiing (non-incidental)


Martial Arts (training only)

Motorcycling (up to 125cc with a licence appropriate to the cc, wearing a crash helmet and no racing)

Quad Biking

Rambling (between 2001 and 4000 metres altitude)

Rowing (inland\/coastal waters within 12 mile)

Rugby (amateur Competition)

Safari (Tour operator organised and not involving use of firearms)

Scuba Diving (up to 30 metres as long as PADI qualified or equivalent to that depth and provided adequately supervised\/not diving alone).

Track Events

Trekking (between 2001 and 4000 metres altitude)

White Water Rafting/Black Water Rafting (Grades 1 to 4 – life jacket and helmet must be worn)

Work Abroad – Manual work (ground level no machinery – other than specified)

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Winter Sports Package

Extend your travel insurance to include winter sports activities with the following winter sports benefits:

  • Ski Equipment
  • Ski Hire
  • Delayed Ski Equipment
  • Ski Pack
  • Piste Closure

Please refer to the policy wording for full information in respect of the cover provided.

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Additional Golf Package

Extends your policy to provide cover for golf equipment and non-refundable green fees. Benefits are per person. Please see the policy wording for full details. Read More

Trusted service with support you can rely on

Trusted service with support you can depend on

Whilst travel liberates us – we travel to the places we treasure as lifelong memories, to exotic destinations, to spend time with our families, to learn and do the things that matter to us most.

The right cover for you

Health and age can become a limiting factor and pose unwanted risks when we travel – which is part of the reason people buy travel insurance. However, these very reasons can make getting the right level of cover, at an affordable cost, a difficult task. That’s where we come in.

Specialist and tailored

We aim to help everyone have a safe journey, with high quality affordable specialist travel insurance with cover for pre-existing medical conditions at all stages, and we have no upper age limit.

What we cover

Get insured quickly and easily for a single trip up to 365 days with no upper age limit. Build your perfect holiday cover that suits your needs and travel with the assurance and comfort in knowing you’ll be protected for pre-existing medical conditions.

What our customers are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Winter Sports

You can be covered for most travel destinations.

The only countries or areas we cannot provide cover to visit are where government bodies have advised against travel at the time of purchase. Please check your policy wording for a full list of destinations.

Yes – Just Travel don’t need to know the names of your medications, only the names of your medical conditions.You may be asked how many medications you take for a particular medical condition.

To screen your medical conditions and provide an accurate travel insurance quote, Just Travel will need to know the name of the medical condition you have been diagnosed with. If you are unsure, please check with your doctor.

No, you won’t need to supply Just Travel or the travel insurance provider with a doctor’s certificate. Their medical screening questions will assess the severity of your medical condition.You just need to tell Just Travel the name of the medical condition and answer the questions honestly. specialises in travel insurance for over 65’s and our single trip policies don’t have an upper age limit, while our annual multi – trip policies have an age limit of 79.

You can add winter sports cover to a single trip travel insurance quote. Once you enter the dates of your trip and declare any pre-existing medical conditions, you will be asked if you want to add any additional travel insurance cover. You can add winter sports cover at this point, and all the travel insurance prices you are shown will include cover for winter sports.

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