The following exclusions apply to all sections of Your Policy;

1. Any Claim made within the Inception Period.

2. If the Insured Vehicle is not in a Roadworthy Condition at the time of Breakdown.

3. Any Claim for broken glass.

4. Any Claim resulting from the Insured Vehicle’s lights, radio, chargers or any third party electronic devices being left on unintentionally, or otherwise, by anyone.

5. Any Insured Vehicle that is being used, or has been modified for use, in motor racing, rallies, speed or endurance events.

6. Any Insured Vehicle which requires specialist repairs as a result of modification of any kind unless previously agreed by Us.

7. Any liability or consequential loss being placed, or charged, upon Us or the Insurer as a result of assistance being provided by a Recovery Operator.
8. Any Claim where this Policy is being used by the Policyholder or any other driver of the Insured Vehicle to avoid the cost of repairing or recovering the Insured Vehicle.

9. Any Insured Vehicle which is already at a garage or other place of repair.

10. Any Insured Vehicle which does not have a current, valid, MOT (where applicable) and/or is not taxed.

11. Any Claim relating to a Caravan or Trailer which Breaks Down. If Your Insured Vehicle Breaks Down whilst towing a Caravan or Trailer, We will also arrange for Your Caravan or Trailer be recovered to the same location as Your Insured Vehicle.

12. Recovery of Your Insured Vehicle to more than one destination including a second recovery or attendance by a Recovery Operator as the original destination was not able to accept Your Insured Vehicle for any reason.

13. A garage or other place of repair undertaking work on Your Insured Vehicle will be acting as an agent on Your behalf and as such We bear no responsibility or liability for any advice, work or action undertaken, or given, by them.

14. Any charges incurred by You prior to notification of Breakdown to Us.

15. Any campervan or motorhome.

16. Where We can evidence that this Policy is being used by the Policyholder or any other driver of the Insured Vehicle to avoid the cost of repairing or recovering the Insured Vehicle or where a known fault existed with the Insured Vehicle prior to the Inception Date,

17. Any Claim where the Insured Vehicle is immersed in mud, snow, sand or water. This also extends to any Breakdown as a result of contact with the above.

18. Any Breakdown as a result of a slipped chain on a motorcycle, moped, scooter or other chain driven Vehicle.

19. Any Insured Vehicle being used for, or in conjunction with, any private or public hire, or any courier or delivery services, including removal services.

20. The cost of any parts, components, lubricants or materials required to repair Your Insured Vehicle

21. The reimbursement of any charges for food, drink, telephone calls, fuel, oil or any other incidental expenses.

22. Any charges incurred by You where providing assistance under this Policy would be deemed unlawful.

23. Any Breakdown where Your Insured Vehicle is not accessible when We have been informed otherwise.

24. The cost of any specialist recovery equipment required as a result of Your Vehicle being in an inaccessible location

25. Recovery of Your Insured Vehicle which cannot be undertaken in a safe and legal manner.

26. Any Claim for, or arising from, loss or damage to the contents of, or within, Your insured Vehicle.

27. Any toll charges, ferry charges, parking charges or traffic congestion charges incurred as a result of recovering Your Insured Vehicle.

28. Any charges or costs incurred by You as a result of You deciding to scrap Your Insured Vehicle.

29. We are not chargeable, or liable, as the result of a Breakdown for any financial loss You may incur, such as, but not limited to, loss of earnings, missed appointments or missed flights, trains or other prepurchased transport tickets.

30. Any Claim where money is owed to Us under t

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