Misfuel includes assistance in the event of a misfuelling incident.

What is covered

If Your Vehicle is accidentally Misfuelled, We will pay on a Reimbursement basis for the:
1. Draining of tank up to a maximum cost of £250.

2. 10 litres, or £20.00 (whichever is lower), of the correct fuel type to be replenish the fuel tank.

To arrange a reimbursement of costs incurred within this section of the policy, please send anemail with a copy of the invoice from attending agent to support@emergencyassitedltd.co.uk

If You have selected the £30 excess on Your Policy, this will not apply to a Misfuel claimincluding any roadside assistance or local recovery required as part of a misfuel claim.

What is not covered

1. Fuel, other than the 10 litres of correct fuel to replenish the fuel tank after draining and flushing outthe contaminated

2. Any misfuelling which occurs outside the UK.

3. Any claim resulting from foreign matter entering the fuel system except for the intended fuel type.

4. The cost of onward transportation, hiring an alternative Vehicle or overnight accommodation in the event of mechanical or component damage.

5. Any defect which is deemed NOT to be a direct result of misfuelling or a defect which existedbefore the incident of misfuelling.

6. Any reimbursement greater than £250 or the cost of services provided, whichever is lower.

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